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The Art of Engagement Photography

Static photos, bland backgrounds and overly photoshopped photos of couples are no longer suitable to a growing demographic of stylish and design savvy customers. Engagement photography has taken a better turn toward spirited, compelling imagery that showcases a couple’s individual personality and style.

Nirvana C. photography celebrates couples’ engagements with creative unique photo shoots that put a focus on the couple’s relationship and connection with one another. I always meet ahead of time with couples to discuss their interests and vision prior to the photography session. While meeting with perspective clients, I like to ask a lot of questions to give me an idea of who they are, what they do for recreation, what they enjoy together and their overall lifestyle.

Location is secondary to expression and emotion, but ideally, the location should be a reflection of the couple. For example where they first met, where they first said ‘I love you’ or where they had a great first date. Although most couples have a location selected, other couples might need help choosing one.

Finally, an engagement photography session is also a chance to get to know your photographer, communicate with them your style and interests. If you are camera shy, the engagement photos will be great practice for the big day. Now is the best time to get over any awkwardness you have in front of the camera.

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