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Seasonal Natural Light in Photography

Basic school science taught us that light travels through air molecules and that most of the energy that light emits strikes a surface, bounces off, and then goes elsewhere. Air molecules scatter a portion of the light’s rays – when they do that, the color of light also changes.

Throughout the day, the sun travels across the sky and the color of light changes. For example a photo-shoot at 7:30 a.m. will have a different color base than one that was taken at noon.
As a professional photographer, I have the educational background and training to know how to use colors to communicate the moods that are associated with these times of day.

Natural light not only varies throughout the day, it also changes throughout the seasons. Light in the tropics is not as affected by seasonal changes. However, elsewhere on the planet, the angle of light goes through dramatic change. This is because the earth orbits the sun on a tilted axis, giving us more and more reasons to get out and capture images every day!


Some think of winter as a bleak time to shoot outdoors. This is because during the colder months, there are fewer minutes of daylight and the angle of light is low. Snow photography however, has its advantages. Winter scenes provide high-contrast opportunities, because the white surroundings reflect back on the subject and Illumination is more evenly distributed on them.


In spring season we have around 12 more hours of shooting time, and plenty of natural illumination to enjoy. As a professional photographer I love to take advantage of nature coming out of dormancy and use these scenes as the perfect background. Doing a photo-shoot in the finest weather and with the best illumination is also a perk of spring photography.


During summer the earth is the closest it will be to the sun. The summer light can be great for colorful, well-saturated images, often with shorter shadow length. For summer shoots, my priority is to keep my clients (especially children) safe from UV exposure and dehydration.


Fall light offers spectacular colors due to the brilliant tone and hues of the foliage. It is pure photographic bliss!

When planning on shooting outdoors, I always scout the scene ahead of time in order to plan for the best light that I believe will complement the mood that I am trying to achieve in the photos I take.

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