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Motherhood and Spring Photography

Keeping in theme with our Spring Mini Session we thought it would be fun to look at different ideas that could go into a spring shoot – especially since Mother’s Day is coming up fast!
Known as a time for coming out of hibernation, Spring is an important season especially for Canadians who are excited to come out of a long, cold, winter. It’s also a time to celebrate transitions and we couldn’t think of a better one than women who are coming back from maternity leave and moving into motherhood.
This is an excellent opportunity to take some bright, beautiful, and even boldly colored photos with your new addition to the family.
General tips:

  • Choose an open outdoor location that is in bloom with lush green grass, flowers, and trees
  • Shoot early for optimal sunlight
  • Wear bright colours such as pastels, neutrals or certain bold colours that won’t compete with the natural bright-coloured setting
  • Explore photo shooting effects with your photographer such as rack focus techniques, alternate perspectives, and different uses of white balance.

Ideas for Couples with a New Baby / Mother’s Day Shots

There’s an infinite amount of ideas that you can look into to represent the dynamism of your relationship and the excitement you two share over creating a new life together.

  • Candid “in bloom” shots –this can be done in a forest, a field, on a beach, at a national park… the outdoor options are endless.
  • Using unique props – you can create your own themes by incorporating props such as holding up a wooden frame, sitting on an outdoor floral-decorated swing together, or have one have one person propped up onto a bike. Wearing floral or creating flower crowns could be a unique touch to the spring photos as well!
  • You could have one person affectionately weave a flower into the others while they hold the baby.
  • Candid shots interacting during an activity like a spring BBQ / themed dinner or party to celebrate Mother’s Day with friends and family.

Kids & New Baby

If you have younger children as well, candid shots of them could be a great way to showcase your first child with the new baby.
Children are so in the moment that there is no need to think too hard about how to get them to smile or laugh in photos.

  • Have them sit or lie in tall grass observing their new brother or sister in your arms.
  • Put them on an outdoor swing with floral-decorations possibly their new sibling (if they are old enough).
  • If an older sibling, have them carry the new baby and interact with them.

Using a combination of these photo ideas could give you a really eclectic mix of shots that will remain timeless. Book a package with us today!

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