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Celebrating Summer Anniversaries

Are you celebrating an upcoming summer anniversary? Whether you’re celebrating marriage or a few strong years of dating, anniversary photos are a great emblem of your achievements together as a couple. This is your chance to do something really interesting and creative together and with your photographer. Capture candid moments and frame them up along the wall for the years to come.

Pick a location that best reflects your relationship / marriage.

Did you take a lot walks out in nature during the duration of your relationship / marriage? Do you have a specific recurring place you two like to go to together? Is there a spot where a defining moment took place?

While the location doesn’t have to be symbolic, it should make you both feel naturally yourselves. Outdoor locations are great for this; some of the best couple photos are taken in forests, meadows and fields as the freedom of these locations pairs well with the intimacy of the photography.

Play with props, themes and concepts

Hold a chalkboard up with the number of years you and your s/o have been together, or write an alternate a message like a silly inside joke you two share.

If you’re celebrating a 25th anniversary or some equivalent, hold up an original copy of your favourite photo from your wedding and recreate the pose to show the contrast between then and now. This has endless possibilities for unique photo effects!

Pick an activity to do like having a picnic together, going hiking together, or even just a Saturday morning in drinking coffee and enjoying each other’s company. Use this natural shared time as your “set” for your photography session. The rest is all up to the magic of the photographer!

There are many possibilities to reflect the changes and growth you’ve experienced together. Celebrating this achievement goes beyond a formality – it cultivates an even deeper connection with your loved one (plus it’s just loads of fun!)

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