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Capture Your Romance with Engagement Photography

While it is common for couples to hire wedding photographers to document the first day of their married lives, it’s becoming increasingly popular for couples to also choose engagement photography to illustrate their courtship through professional photos. Couples that choose this sort of photography are sending the message that their relationship before the wedding was just as precious as their relationship afterward.

As opposed to photos taken at a wedding, engagement photography needs to be more personal and intimate by nature. An engagement photo series also needs to capture and reflect an ongoing period of time. A wedding is a single day in which people are wearing the same clothes and associating with the same people. The content of the pictures will be different, and the nature of the pictures will be different.

The exact moments that are commemorated on film for engagement photography are going to be much more variable than the moments that people will find in a wedding photo album. Many people look back fondly on their engagement periods, and with the proper photography services, they will always have points of reference for their memories.

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