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Childhood is such a precious period, from before birth to starting school seems to pass in the blink of an eye. Sooner than you realize, they’re off to college and starting their own families.

There are countless proverbs and nuggets of wisdom and advice from every culture around the globe suggesting that we should cherish every moment of the innocence of childhood.
It’s so important to capture and document the important milestones of this brief period. Through photographs and writing in scrapbooks (or Facebook, let’s be honest…)

I have been working to be mindful of these milestones and experiences and finding ways to capture these memories with my own family despite the chaos.
I’m certain I’m not the only mom who feels that capturing photos for this quick paced period in our lives seems impossible. As a mom of three, it feels like we never sit still long enough to get that perfect image. With Facebook and smart phones, catching candid photos is a little easier than in past generations, but the camera still captures life in high definition better than the digital shutter of your phone.

The big milestones of your child’s life should be documented with you involved, hiring a photographer to observe and record your child’s biggest milestones so you aren’t separated from the experience by your phone. Being present and involved is the most special thing you can do for your child. In the future when they look back over the images, they’ll remember you, not your phone.

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